Quality and Innovation

A goal during the whole production process

"The life of each product is monitored by qualified technicians starting
from collection to delivery to the end customer."


Synergy and Innovation

In synergy with all the operators and figures of the production chain, we have developed the best agronomic, technical, and packaging solutions to enhance the characteristics of a naturally simple and genuine product such as aromatic herbs.

A motivating factor for our work team is the continuous search for innovative solutions that allow us to reduce the entire production chain’s environmental footprint.

The packaging

The choice of packaging for our products, from the crates used during the harvest to the final trays, is always designed to keep up with technological progress and with the aim of reducing the use of energy and chemicals, favoring real reuse and recycling of resources and materials.


The production chain

Qualified technicians monitor the life of each herb from planting to packing and delivery to the end customer.

This allows us to know every single phase of production and each herb history.


To give further service and quality guarantees to our customers are certified, IFS Food, Global Gap CoC, and BIO.


"We always look for new solutions that allow us to reduce the environmental footprint of the whole production chain"