Our Company

we grow fresh herbs since 1969

"From over 50 years we bring the most parfumed
herbs in the chicken of our clients."



The company was founded in 1969 among the hills of Reggio Emilia in northern Italy, when Magnani’s family started to grow fresh herbs.

Over the years, the company has grown looking out on local markets and then establishing itself throughout the Italian territory.

Today our attention is focused on a careful search for the best aromatic essences.

Thanks to the highest quality standards and the utmost care for customer needs, we are leaders in the field of aromatics.

The factory

We have a packaging plant dedicated to aromatic herbs.

There are packaging lines able to produce packages from 20g up to 5Kg in various formats, packaging, and the possibility of private labels.
Each line has automatic labeling machines and weight controls to guarantee customers and end consumers.

Around each line work teams of qualified operators, specialized in Just in Time work, whose attention in the production of every single package is our company’s strength.


The farms

The herbs are grown on farms scattered throughout the country to take advantage of the different natural, climatic and hydrogeological vocations of the Italian soils.

The crops are certified and comply with our integrated production regulations.
We respect our land and our waters, thus obtaining precious aromatic varieties in harmony with the surrounding natural environment.

Agronomist technicians continuously monitor the crops to guarantee to consumers maximum safety and the best organoleptic characteristics.

By taking advantage of the different locations of the crops, we can guarantee product availability all year round without interruptions.