The Herbs's Journey

from harvest to distribution



The harvest

Every morning the herbs are harvested in the fields and greenhouses of farms located throughout the country, where the workers choose only the best leaves and stems.

The herbs are then refrigerated and overnight in appropriate temperature­controlled vehicles to arrive the next morning at our packaging plant in Reggio Emilia.

The packhouse

Once they arrive at our factory, the herbs are carefully selected and checked to ensure the highest quality and freshness.

After sorting, the herbs are packed using automated packaging lines.

All our operators are qualified and work according to strict production standards, respecting customer specifications.


The Transport

As soon as the packaging is completed, the herbs are immediately loaded onto our refrigerated vehicles.

Thanks to our fleet of dedicated trucks, we can make same ­day deliveries to customers for a fast, punctual, and flexible service.

"we meet customer needs by providing
a product that meets the highest quality standards"